Interview: VITAMIN

This four piece Leeds band have dished up everything you could ask for. With groove based beats, synthetic rhythms and catchy lyrics that get stuck, whirling around in your head, VITAMIN have created the perfect feel good summer soundtrack. They’ve been compared to the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, The 1975 and Friendly Fires, but their influences go deeper than that and so do their songs. Abigail Gillibrand caught up with singer Jared Laville, and got an insight into the bands inspirations, what it’s like for them to live together and how they dropped out of college to pursue their dreams.

Just like many other bands, VITAMIN were formed out of teenage boredom. Laville says, “We were very young and creative, so about half a decade ago Theo [Drummer], Cam [Guitarist] and myself started making tunes together and playing little gigs around Leeds. Then around this time two years ago we were looking for a bass player, I happened to bump into Harry at a mates party we clicked, he joined the band and from there formed VITAMIN.”

In order to really make a go of the band, the boys decided to from out of education and see where VITAMIN might take them. “It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made,” Laville explains. “Band or die is the VITAMIN motto, so when you’re given the opportunity to live a dream, follow a passion, why would you ever look back? For us it was a no-brainer”…

Read more here.


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