Counterfeit: Deaf Institute, Manchester – Live Review

The Deaf Institute was awash with oestrogen as a sea of eager teenage girls were crammed in shoulder to shoulder awaiting Counterfeit to grace them with their presence.

The venue was the perfect location as it was small enough to create a personal vibe, but big enough to contain the band’s relentless energy and obvious passion.

Counterfeit came on all guns blazing with a pumped up version of Hold Fire. There was none of this warming up the crowd bullshit, as soon as frontman Jamie Campbell Bower entered the stage he was right back off it and was dancing on the bar like something out of Coyote Ugly – diving into the crowd like a maniac.

He was not afraid of getting up close to his fans and on two occasions even spat a great glob of salvia into the audience – and they didn’t care one bit.

Read more here.


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