High Heels Big Deals

This year women have strutted their stuff to the top of the business ladder, left the male voice behind, and are beginning to rule the world whilst still managing to look fabulous. From Theresa May becoming the UK’s second female prime minister, to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, 2016 has seen the rise of dominant women in the industry, and it keeps on getting better.

As it stands, women’s unemployment in the UK is at a 24 year high with 47% of the workforce being female. Although this shows a 3% gender imbalance, it is an implausible achievement considering half a century ago they were the ever so demure 1950s housewife.

After battling with politician Andrea Leadsom over the motherhood scandal earlier this year, Theresa May came up trumps and took over from David Cameron to run the United Kingdom alongside the Queen – whom last year took the title as the longest standing monarch in British history. Since moving to 10 Downing Street, May has championed women in politics, introducing the likes of Priti Petal (Secretary of State for International Development), Karen Bradley (Culture Secretary) and Liz Truss (Justice Secretary) into her cabinet, seeing seven women out of 22 members there – success!…

Read more here (Pages 40-41).



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