Interview: Crocodiles

There’s no stopping the Crocodiles this summer as they snap back into the festival season taking themselves off to Mexico City and playing at the Plisskën Festival, Athens.

On top of all of this they’re planning on getting an album out, and say there’s much more to expect from their label Zoo Music.

Abi Gillibrand chats to the band.

Louder Than War: You’re playing Plisskën festival this summer, the line up looks great. Have you ever played Athens, Greece before?

We have not! We’re very much looking forward to it; we’ve heard such great things about Greece and can’t wait to see for ourselves.

It’s such a special festival to be part of, people from all around the world are playing there, how are you preparing for it?

Well, it will be the last show of our European tour so I think we’ll be nice and lubed up and ready to go!

You’re playing on the Saturday but will you be singing Sunday?

Ha, not sure – it’s not in the set right now but it’s a pretty easy song to play so if people really want to hear it we can probably figure it out…

Read more here.


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