Interview: Lights

After speaking to Lights at the end of last year, Abigail Gillibrand caught up with her once again before her show at Sound Control, Manchester. They spoke of Light’s new album and the release of her latest music video, Meteorites, along with her recent trip on a cruise with Paramore. 

“Seven and a half to twelve foot waves rocked the boat and it went crazy during our set. The gale force winds almost blew me off the stage!” For a girl who is petrified of the ocean, Lights braced the storm head on and faced her utmost fear of the deep as she set sail for a four day adventure on the Parahoy cruise.

A boat jammed full of endlessly talented musicians, psyched Paramore fans and a whole lot of instruments took to the open waters for a musical escapade from Miami to Mexico.

“It was crazy,” Lights exclaimed as she relived the moment. “I grew up terrified of boats and obsessed with the Titanic. Everything about the sea frightens me.” You could see in her eyes that she wasn’t lying, but the excitement that escaped from her as she spoke of the trip made it seem as though she thrived on the adrenaline and loved every minute.

Read more here.


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