Interview: Lights

From her bedroom Starry Night Studios, to releasing albums through Warner Bros, Lights has shown determination and perseverance in becoming who she is today. Louder Than War’s Abi Gillibrand had a chance to catch up with her on her cookie break and talk about all of the exciting things she has hidden up her sleeves.

At the end of 2014, Lights brought out her latest album Little Machines which captured her halcyon childhood memories through an array of synths and heavy drum beats. Now, she is set to release a midnight acoustic version of this album early next year.

“We’re releasing a very chilled out version of Little Machines. I can’t give too much away other than that we brought in a string section and the full band played on it. It’s a whole new version of the songs and it’s played in a very intimate way.

“It’s nothing like the acoustic stuff I’ve put out in the past. This whole rendition brings out a darker side to the record. It’s funny, depending on how you dress up a song you can change the intention of it. A song that’s really powerful like Up We Go is an uplifting anthem on the record and when we play it live it’s like that too, but when you hear this new version, it takes on a whole new life. It’s pretty cool, I’m really excited for you to hear it”…

Read more here.


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