Interview: The Telepathic Evils

A shared obsession with Mansun and using technology to be a band from miles apart – Abigail Gillibrand talks to The Telepathic Evils.

This otherworldly duo are about to take off and it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever heard or seen before.

Roger Rowley has teamed up with Easyworld’s former bassist, Jo Taylor, and together they have put their own twist on the familiar ’90’s grunge sound with electro beats and eerie vocals. Their music will captivate you in the twilight zone and the more you listen the less you’ll want to wake up.

With Jo being in Brighton and Roger based in Leeds you’d think it would be difficult for them to sustain momentum, but Jo disagrees, saying, “I actually think it has focused us more, given us more space to think, to sift out what’s important, instead of taking it for granted that the next rehearsal will be along soon and sitting back.”

They use Dropbox as a tool to share demos and type to each other a lot to share their ideas. “We each have a decade’s worth of broken biscuits to pick at too. If I come up with a full song sketch, Jo will add her vocals and bass, then replace my acoustic guitar and woodblock percussion with cool synths. I’ll then go back and add the electric guitar…

Read more here.


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