‘My Life With Bowie’: Woody Woodmansey interview

WOODY WOODMANSEY, the last Spider From Mars, has released an exciting new memoir about his time with David Bowie, 43 years after the band split.

Mick Woodmansey joined Bowie, and guitarist Mick Ronson, as their drummer in 1970. Although The Spiders were only together for a mere three years, they produced some of the Starman’s most acclaimed pieces of work; seeing his transformation from The Man Who Sold The World, to Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane.

The book, My Life With Bowie, speaks of Woody’s otherworldly experiences with the band, allowing fans into an explosive world of sex, drugs and glam rock and roll.

Woody, now 65, said: “I had been asked numerous times over the years if I would be interested in writing my autobiography and I always declined the offers.

“The main reason being I assumed Bowie himself would at some point tell the whole ‘Ziggy story’ so it wasn’t something for me to do”…

Read more here.


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