Review: The Night and Day Cafe

Lurking on the streets of the Northern Quarter, the Night and Day Café has no prominent feature out front, but inside you enter a musical transcendence that has captured the spirit of rock and roll.

Since the opening of its doors in 1991, its stage has seen the likes of the Manic Street Preachers, Alex Turner, The Courteeners and Johnny Marr. It is a platform for new (and old) musicians to get their music heard by the devoted, regular faces of the venue. At around 11pm, the bands are put to bed, the tables and chairs are pushed aside to reveal a dance floor and a club night is opened where DJs play their favourite records. It’s a location that attracts the most eclectic mix of people, but all with real enthusiasm and a burning love for music.

The decoration is intriguing and exquisite – with every visit you will always discover something new. Behind the counter trinkets from every era pose in front of scratched and stained mirrors that must have caught the reflections of so many fascinating stories. The walls are smothered in posters of bands some framed and others, slightly peeling at the corners, haphazardly stuck up with blue tack.  Red paint must have been on sale at the time the place was decorated as the walls are completely saturated with a dark shade of scarlet, creating a sense of safety and a cosy, closed in vibe…

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