A music festival that champions women is coming to Manchester

The When In Manchester festival is coming back to the city for its second time this year.

“When the event sold out the night before the festival it was unbelievable.

“As women who have a real passion for music and intend to go on to work in the industry, we wanted to show that we are just as capable as men in what has become a very male dominated business.”

Festival curator and former journalism student Ellen Offredy, 22, attended a flat party after seeing a Hidden Charms and Viola Beach gig at Gullivers last November. Along with fellow students Nicole Burrows, 21, Abigail Richardson, 19, and Miriam Rahimov, 19, Ellen gathered together the girls after the show and took part in a tipsy conversation about what their perfect festival line up would be.

She said: “Abi passed her phone around and we all made a list in her notes.

“It was nothing more than a topic of conversation at the time, but Nicole and I stayed over at Abi and Miriam’s flat that night, and in the morning we were looking back over the note talking about how much of an amazing line up it was.

“Within half an hour then venues were booked and we’d set up the social media pages for the very first When In Manchester Festival”…

Read more here.


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