Blackpool sees its first museums pop up around the town

Treasure Trove have put on a selection of Pop-Up museums around Blackpool to celebrate the town’s past. Abigail Gillibrand spoke to the Project Manager, Kelly Walker and exhibitor Judith Rigg to find out more about this local attraction.

BLACKPOOL is notorious for its short term shows that seem to appear from nowhere and vanish the next day. Now, this spirit of transience is being celebrated with museums that pop-up on the streets and decorate landmarks. But just like Strictly Come Dancing, you’ll have to quickstep to catch a glimpse of this town’s latest craze.

Blackpool is rich with history, but this is sometimes overlooked by visitors as they are blinded by the lights of Funny Girls and whirled around in a rollercoaster of surprises. The museums themselves are there to educate people on Blackpool’s culture by reflecting the town artistically through different mediums.

Kelly Walker, 36, is the Community Heritage Manager, and over saw the Pop-Up project. She said: “So many people in Blackpool have wanted a museum for a very long time, and from working in the sector, that desire always comes up at meetings and training”…

Read more here. 


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