GiGi Hadid is all ‘dolled’ up in Moschino’s new spring range

Cast your mind back to your childhood where you’d spend endless days popping perforated garments out of paper books to attach by big white tabs to your perfectly proportioned, two dimensional dolly.

Your first taste of fashion was when you got to mix and match tops to bottoms and pair pretty pink shoes to lace dresses and numerous wigs. There were no rules, no guidelines. You could even cut out your own designs and dress your model to the way you wanted there and then.

For Spring 2017, designer Jeremy Scott has created the ideal wardrobe you always wanted for your paper doll, however this time the wardrobe is aimed for you.

Plastic bags? Pyjama suits? You would think you had seen it all, but every year Fashion week seeks to deliver and this fun and fabulous design has blown us all away.

With vulgar white tabs poking out in every direction, GiGi Hadid took to the catwalk to present Moschino’s new Spring / Summer 2017 range at Milan’s Fashion Week…

Read more here.


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