Lights gig review

Drums boom like a heartbeat, mimicking the crowd’s as their chests pound with anticipation for Lights to enter the stage.  It has been over a year since Manchester was last honoured with her presence, so with the announcement of her UK tour, it only took a matter of weeks before the gig sold out. As Lights mainly stays in America when on the road, fans from all around Europe have congregated in this one place to see her.

Synths swirl as the beats grow heavier and Lights appears to welcoming screams, dressed in the usual attire of shredded jeans and a tight cropped t-shirt. The tribal like rhythms soon interchange with her voice to the introduction of From All Sides. It is incredible to hear such strong vocals come out of such a petite (yet fierce) body, and although everyone is sweltering underneath the purple glow, Lights manages to create goose bumps on the arms of her army.

She has created a badass persona for herself, the wall of knives in her living room that frequently appear on her Instagram speak for themselves. However, even though this Wonder Woman identity sometimes seems hard to break through, Lights takes to her keyboard and lets loose her racier side throughout the song Muscle Memory – seducing the crowd as she snakes her hips in their direction.

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