There are Stranger Things than a girl with short hair

There’s a new hype buzzing around Netflix and it goes by the name of Stranger Things. Now, I’m a huge sucker for box sets and Netflix Original series so I thought I’d give it a try. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s okay, but I must admit that I love the vibe this show gives off more than the story line itself. It’s set in the 80s and the music, trends and fashion shown throughout the series is great.

There is a scene though that struck a nerve – whether or not it is intentional I don’t know, but it is the scene that reflects that of the movie E.T. The part where the children dress the ‘monster’ (Eleven) up to make her fit in among the other school kids. It is very much a pastiche of E.T… The blonde wig, the fancy dress, the makeup. But what annoys me are the comments made afterwards.

You see, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) normally has a buzz cut, wearing jeans and a long sleeved black jumper as well as having no makeup on. I didn’t even second think this when watching. But once Eleven is revealed dressed to the nines in a long blonde wig, her friend Mike states that she looks ‘pretty’.

This raises the question of does she not look pretty when she has short hair and no makeup on?…

Read more here.


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