Tim Burgess on the Manchester scene

Being born in Salford, Tim Burgess – a top ten hit selling ‘Madchester’ star- really knows how to rock his roots.

His musical career began in a small punk band called The Electric Crayon Set but at the age of twenty-one, Tim left the band and joined The Charlatans. Their first album Some Friendly took off to an amazing start providing The Charlatans with one of their top ten singles ‘The Only One I Know’. This opened up the flood gates allowing them to make their mark on Manchester’s music scene. Since then they’ve gone on to release another three top ten hits and seventeen top thirty singles.

Now aged forty-seven, Tim has lived in LA, successfully released his first book, started up his own record label – O’Genesis – created a coffee franchise and is still continuing to make legendary records with The Charlatans. He sure is living it like he loves it!

“I’m happy to be where I’m from” Tim explains, “half of New Order were from Salford so it made me realise that I could actually make it in a band”. Tim was heavily influenced by the Madchester scene, which probably explains why he fitted in so well…

Read more here. 


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