Iconic Glam Rock Fashionistas from the 1970s

The 1970s, in our opinion, was one of the most innovative decades of the 20th Century. It was the birth of Glam Rock, the creation of Punk and a time where fashion was daring, new and out there.

Andy Warhol had crafted the way for artists such as Lou Reed and John Cale to come to the forefront of American New Wave; Bowie was at his most creative, working away at his alter-egos and producing records with Iggy Pop, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti; And Blondie was just starting out on her adventurous music career, which has led her onto great heights.

Everything of that time was brand new. No one had ever seen anything like Bowie before. A man dressing up in women’s clothes? What an outrage! And our dear Edie Sedgwick, how dare she cut all of her hair off? Girls are supposed to have long hair, right?! And boys? Well, make sure your bangs don’t go past your eyebrows – not like Iggy Pop’s locks!

It is extremely clear that we have a lot to thank these rebellious style icons for.

You could say the 60s had flare, but once the flower power hippie phase had died down slightly, the 70s appeared and completely changed the world by driving a whole new daring generation that inspired and continues to inspire the fashion, music and art scene of today….

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